The sculptures are produced with fiber pulp ( flax, stinging nettles, abaca and cotton) built over mold or skeleton of plaster or mesh. The visual expression ranges from 2.5-metre-high column shapes (tinted on thin rods attached to a floor base) or fragments of human bodies or vase-shaped containers with associations to the human torso.

Pillar in flax, cotton and gold

Bente Elisabeth Finserås

Height: 220 cm. For sale

2nd prize winner in Triennale Internationale de Papier, Switzerland

The artistic commission of the International Triennial of Paper met several times at which time 416 works by 48 artists from 18 countries were examined and considered for inclusion in the competition-exposition. Link

Bente Elisabeth Finserås

Width: 65 Height: 75 cm

Pillars in flax and cotton

Bente Elisabeth Finserås

210-240 cm high

Torsofragments in stinging nettles, tulips and cotton

The torsofragments were exhibited in The Arch Bishop´s Museum in Trondheim, Norway.

Bente Elisabeth Finserås

Body size

Torsofragment in abaca and cotton

Bente Elisabeth Finserås

Torso size

Wall- front and back

Bente Elisabeth Finserås

220 high

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